First Live Luxury Virtual NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Mall

“According to Spa N Party owner, Tamara McNeil, LifeStyles In 360 has exceeded our expectations! They understood our unique store concept and designed a virtual store within their virtual NFT shopping mall which represents our brand perfectly.  The company did it all from designing and building our virtual store, marketing our brand across social media to the delivery of our products to our clients.   As a result, we have also cut our traditional Google Ads and social media spend budget in half because the platform is very efficient and delivers real sales results.  As a small luxury retailer,  we could not find the comprehensive services and overall value of our new virtual store anywhere else.  It is by far a great investment compared to traditional brick and mortar lease rentals.”  

Founder Yasmine Clarke says, “We have created the first virtual NFT shopping platform which is the epitome of ultra-luxury and provides 100% online privacy and discretion for our clients.  We also responsibly curate the best partners and vendors by invitation only which share our vision for a new, diverse, technically efficient and all-inclusive marketplace.”  The company also endows the first state registered apprentice program of its kind in the US called The Bee2Bee Network which is designed to employ, train, and groom a new generation of tech savvy luxury retail and web development talent from underserved communities.

Additional information about LifeStyles In 360 may be obtained online at or by calling 407-756-2394. Connect with the platform on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram or at [email protected].

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