GATE and White Rabbit NFTs on Joining the Metaverse

Brace for the entry of the super NFTS – GATE & White Rabbit, to integrate with the Metaverse, and be available via various mediums like goodies, entertainment and special perks.

CA, United States, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GATE and White Rabbit have announced entry into the Metaverse. This will enable White Rabbit collection NFT holders to be able to trade and access services in the Metaverse freely. White rabbit collection ZERO is a rare collection minted and sold out on December 22nd with a 765 NFT’s limited edition. The White Rabbit NFT is one of the most legitimate and prominent NFTs currently in the market.

The White Rabbit NFT is a utility token. Holders of the White Rabbit NFT enjoy various benefits. The White Rabbit website and 3D models and other assets available based on the NFT’s owners. Owners also have the right to monetize their NFT characters as desired. This can be done through apparel, animated series, branding, comics, games, and anything else that is developed. Owners are also able to sell their NFT.

NFT holders can vote on various company decisions and play a role in driving the company’s direction. Other benefits such as whitelist access & discounted presale access to the GATE ecosystem and partner projects, access to private channels, airdrops, staking rewards, partner perks, and more.

Although the White Rabbit NFT collection ZERO is sold out, Collection ONE was announced to mint on January 19th at 5 pm GMT. It is set to mint at the price of 0.08 ETH. A presale will be held on January 17th at the price of 0.06. To access the presale, the holder only needs to have a mint pass in their wallet. Each holder with one mint pass can mint up to 3X White Rabbit NFTs. The mint passes are stackable.

GATE is an innovative web3 company built around the ethos of innovation, inclusiveness, utility, and value. Their mission is to build the building blocks of Metaverse. From characters, spaces, items, and experiences through a series of NFT projects in gaming, art, and utility. Metaverse is in its inception. Though not a lot is known about it, the whole world is excited to see the final product as it will be based on turning fantasy into reality.

White Rabbit and GATE have the vision to integrate NFTs into the Metaverse and create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The adoption of the Metaverse will bring people from all parts of the world together to share in the incredible experience. GATE is working day and night to make that day sooner than later. GATE and White Rabbit take great pride in doing good for the community. The brand also donated to Save The Children charity and The Autism Science Foundation.

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CONTACT: Name: Mike Organization: White Rabbit NFT Phone: 83730321

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