Threekit Announces Threekit for NFTs, Giving its Customers Entry into the Metaverse

Brands Entering the Metaverse with NFT’s 
As a visual commerce platform that allows brands to do visual configuration for products, Threekit is uniquely positioned to help their customers take advantage of the NFT movement. These visual configurations can then be used to create hundreds, thousands, or millions of unique 1-of-1 NFTs via the Threekit API to various blockchains like Etherium, Polygon, and Solana. 

Threekit’s platform enables brands to stake a claim in the various metaverses, which are persistent virtual worlds that people will use to create, explore, play and work together. NFTs represent the opportunity for brands to create virtual products that can be displayed, furnished in virtual homes, worn on avatars, and traded across the games, digital communities, and hardware ecosystems. 

Brands like Asics, Clinique, and Adidas have successfully set the path for NFT drops. NFTs can be used by brands for:

  • Community building and access to events, discounts, and other special benefits 
  • Letting customers show their unique identity in digital games, virtual reality, and other online communities
  • Brand advocacy, enabling fans to access collectable items

By using the Threekit platform for 3D product configuration, brands are “future-proofing” themselves for an ever-growing, perhaps one-day ubiquitous Metaverse. So whether they want to jump into the NFT market today or years down the road, they’ll be well-positioned. 

“We’re just beginning to understand the implications of these growing virtual worlds,” continues Houston. “Yes, it is about owning a virtual version of a physical product, but we’re also starting to see NFT’s used as currency–a way to own and promote brands that people care about or as a “VIP pass” to exclusive content and experiences that other customers can’t get. We foresee a future where product NFT’s are a routine add-on to purchases and we want to prepare our customers for that future today.” 

You can explore more detail on Threekit’s NFT offering here

About Threekit

Threekit is your product experience headquarters. Threekit enables companies to enhance, manage and distribute 3D, 2D and augmented reality product visuals for scale and transformation. Additionally, it is the only end-to-end solution that has features to enhance the entire product lifecycle, from pre-manufacture design and visualization through post-sale servicing.  

Discerning brands like TaylorMade, Duluth Trading and Crate & Barrel use Threekit because it drives a 40% increase in conversion, a 90% reduction in photography costs, and 80% reduction in returns. 

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