You Got Way Too High — How Can You Bring It Down A Notch?

Black Pepper

Almost everyone has black pepper spice in their kitchen. This spice has been observed to provide relief to people overcome by anxiety or paranoia induced by too much cannabis.

A 2011 study reveals that pepper and cannabis have similar chemical traits that cause both to bind to the same cannabinoid receptors. The near-instant relief black pepper provides can be traced to its terpene compounds. You either need to chew a few black peppercorns or grind them into a meal. Smelling ground black pepper also works.


This is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis. The main factor that causes an individual to get too stoned is THC. What CBD does is that it reduce or counteract the effects of THC. It has been observed to reduce the adverse effects of paranoia and anxiety that surface when a person gets too stoned. This is one of the reasons why stoners are always advised to only use products with a balanced level of THC and CBD.

When you get too stoned, you can try to ingest CBD pills, oils, or gummies to feel relief. You can also use a CBD vapor pen. Having these products at hand could be instrumental in reducing the overbearing after-effects of THC.


Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen have the potential to block the massive buzz a person feels when they are overstimulated. This method is effective, and ibuprofen can be obtained over-the-counter at standard pharmacies. This drug can effectively halt the adverse effects of THC on a person’s cognition. It counteracts the stoned impact of marijuana.


Drinking lemonade is an effective way to offset the harmful effects of THC when one overindulges in weed. The counteractive attribute in lemonade can be traced to the terpenes present in the citrus. The presence of limonene terpenes in lemonade improves the user’s cognition and promotes alertness after consumption. It also lessens anxiety and paranoia.

Drinking lemonade also helps to reduce the cottonmouth that results from marijuana consumption.

Fluids and Snacks

Staying hydrated and well-fed before and after consuming cannabis is a good trick for sobering up. Snacks are always recommended regardless of how high a person is, like fluids like water or fruit juices.

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A glass of water and a snack will help you calm down after you over-consume too much weight. It will also help you focus and regain balance after the lightheadedness that results from getting too high.

Avoiding A Marijuana High Hangover
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Once you’ve tried the above, it is not a bad idea to try as much as possible to get comfortable. Take slow, deep breaths while lying down or sitting up. You could also take a bath or a shower. Some choose to call their friends and listen to them talk, while others look for other distractions that keep their minds off things.

As you do any or all of this, remind yourself with each breath that everything is going to be alright.

Bottom Line

Even the most seasoned cannabis users make the mistake of overindulging in flowers, edibles, and other forms of canna-derived products sometimes. Having the above tricks prepared each time you take a hit saves you from scrambling around to find a solution for how to sober up quickly.

Fortunately, there has never been a case of someone getting too high and finding themselves in the ER, nor has there been any fatal marijuana overdose. You need to understand that whatever discomfort you feel whenever you overindulge is the worst of it.

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