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Last week, Ubisoft Entertainment‘s CEO held an impromptu meeting with staff to defend the company’s NFT initiative. Around the same time, the makers of Stalker 2 tweeted a lengthy defense of their NFTs in response to criticism and then reversed course 20 minutes later as criticism intensified.

NFTs have generated a lot of hype among video game executives for unclear reasons, and fans have grown furious about it. Why do gamers hate NFTs so much? There are a lot of factors – the environmental impact associated with crypto mining, the frequent scams, the urge to never see a cartoon monkey again – but the biggest is that their mere presence in a video game is an erosion of trust.

Games, especially the big-budget ones with massive worlds, require a large commitment of both money and time from players. When games start asking for more money, it chips away at that trust by raising questions about the fundamental nature of a game’s design. Every game that uses NFTs is designed around an economy where players can buy and sell digital items to one another. As a result, every player is incentivised not to have a good time but to make as much money as possible. Economy comes first; enjoyment and artistic value are often secondary.

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